TUTORIAL: How to Download & Submit your Binance Trading History

To calculate the Binance Trading fees you are owed we need to add up all of your Binance trades and then formulate the total fees we received from your trading activity and then we figure out what we owe you and pay that out to you as your Binance cash back reward.

Binance displays only the last 100 trading transactions of our Binance referrals therefore we ask that you submit your trading history so we are able to accurately calculate what you are owed from using our Binance Cash Back Program.

Binance provides us with data on all our referral's transactions and we use this information to audit all submissions and to prevent anyone from trying to falsify claims & rewards. Anyone caught cheating and changing their trading history will not receive any cash back rewards.

Downloading your Trading History

1) Log into your Binance account with your desktop or laptop (this makes it easier for you to export the excel sheet within your account for submissions).

2) Navigate to the "Orders" page in your Binance account.

3) Click on "Export Complete Trade History".

Your Trading History will begin to download in excel format. You will see that the "Fee" is shown as well. The "Fee" is how much was paid to Binance for your trading activity. We receive 20% as a commission and give you 12% of that commission leaving us with 8%. You will therefore receive 12% of the number shown in the red box below in Figure 2.

Your cash back reward will be paid in Ethereum even if the fee is not in Ethereum. This makes things easier for everybody. We may pay out in other cryptocurrencies if requested however this will only be allowed in special circumstances. We cannot allow every referral to pick and choose what type of crypto currency they would like to be paid in no matter how much we would like too. If you are generating a significant amount of trading fees and commission and request a payout in a different cryptocurrency, we may make an exception in those cases. You would have to email the admin at with your request. Payout conversions are made with the available rate on Binance just before the cash back reward is paid out.

  • Figure 1: Find the Trade History page.

  • Figure 2: Export your trading history.

Uploading your trading history into your BinanceCashBack.com account

After downloading your trading history (TradeHistory.xlsx), you need to upload it on BinanceCashBack.com

When you register on our website, you will receive a personal link. Return to your personal link to upload your trading history.

Upload your trading history at least once a month!

As time goes by your Binance trading history data may become very large. No need to worry! Just make sure you download your entire trading history and upload it on the 15th of the month on your personal area. We pay net 30. That means all of the trading fees generated in February will be paid out on March 30. We ask that you submit your trading history on the 15th of the following month so we have 2 weeks to calculate everyone’s earnings. That means we will make sure you receive what you earned!